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Summer is here! Trust me there is no one more excited! But....Summer is also a good time to knock out some of those Quarterly Events, Volunteer and Internship hours.

Juniors and Seniors- Internship Opportunities (check your email for details):

  • iSeeChange with the Cape Fear Museum

  • Plastic Ocean Project

  • Pleasure Island Turtle Nesting

  • UNCW Shellfish Hatchery


Immersion Week is August 16-20, 8am -4pm for all 11 and 12 grade


All Students- Quarterly Events (See calendar on home page):

  • Cape Fear River Watch

  • NC Coastal Federation

  • Turtle Talks

  • Audubon

Stay in touch and don't forget to share a photo of anything you do! 

Students are staying busy this summer. They planned this beach clean up with the Cape Fear Museum and Plastic Ocean Project. Students collected 15 lbs of trash. This was the capstone project for a National Geographic grant.  

Applications have closed for the 2021-2022 school year.

Applications for the 2021- 2020 School Year are OPEN! There are Three Options. Make sure your select the correct application below! 

Common Application for all Signature Programs Rising 9th Graders

Marine Science COHORT Rising 10th and 11th Grade

- Participate in a science club, and extracurricular events

Marine Science Academy Rising 11th or 12th Grade 

- Year long of Intro to marine Science course work, labs, and field work

Did you miss the Q&A for Rising 9th Grade? Watch it here!

Q& A Night for Rising 9th Graders Dec 10 at 7:30

We will have an informational night on Zoom December 10th at 7:30 pm. This is for Parents and student who are interested in the program. We will answer questions about applying, when notifications will be sent out and how students transfer to Ashley for High School. 

Use this link to sign up if you plan on attending! 

Moving to Canvas! 

Do you know how to stay in touch? 

We are moving our learning platform to Canvas! You will be able to find all announcements, assignments, and lessons here! PARENTS, I recommend getting the Canvas app for your phone, so you can follow along!


Click here for student login to Canvas.

This website will also continue to be updated as well as our instagram @marinescienceacademy. On the home page you can find a calendar of upcoming events and a link to our Instagram. 

Lastly, each class will have their own Remind code! Remind will be used for test and event reminders! I highly recommend that parents and students follow along on remind as well. Remind codes will be located on student syllabus found in Canvas. 

Check out this years opening letter under the About Us tab! Thanks for your continued support! School may look a little different this year, but I am so excited to expand my skills as a teacher and great a rewarding learning environment for all students!​​

Covid19 Updates



Google Classroom will continue to be used to as the class website for the Marine Science Academy and Honors Marine Science. All students accepted to the 2020-2021 Marine Science Cohort have also been added to Google Classroom. 


Join Remind and follow the MarineScienceAcademy on Instagram!

All of these resources will get updated regularly.

There are assignments posted now for review and enrichment. All assignments can positively impact your current grade. Please check nhcs.net and https://ashley.nhcs.net/ for when new content will be allowed to be pushed out for all students.

Stay safe. Say healthy. Stay in touch! 

Thank you University of Delaware!

The Marine Science Academy is now the proud owner of a 16 foot Wave Flume. Through a grant from the Navy, Jack Puleo, of the University of Delaware was able to create 12 Wave Flumes for students to observe waves and how they influence our local shoreline.


The device comes with two sensors, so that students can measure wave height and speed as they manipulate the waves. Students favorite may be creating a Tsunami, but they are also able to observe how the beach profile changes from summer to winter waves, sea level rise, and after an extreme weather event like Florence. 

WECT came in to film the Wave Flume in action. Check out their full story here. 


Students win 4th Place in National Blue Heron Bowl

On February 2nd seven students from the Marine Science Academy and Cohort competed in the Blue Heron Bowl at UNCW. Cate Arnold, Teddy Ross, Emma Butler, and Emme Butler competed well and earned a 4th place finish overall. Students who compete in the Blue Heron Bowl are asked several challenging marine science questions ranging from Marine Biology to Ocean Technology. This years focus was on Ocean Observing and the role it places in tracking global climate change and other weather phenomena that impacts human life. Next years competition will take place at East Carolina University. Megan Bergstrom, Andrew Taylor, and Rebecca Calhoun competed for their very first year and are eager to compete next year. Apparently the competition is a lot more fun than described and the  good snacks don't hurt.

First year of the Marine Science Cohort

This year we begun the Marine Science Cohort for 9th and 10th grade students; a pre Marine Science Academy Program. Students in this program are grouped by their science courses and participate in science clubs at Ashley.


We also meet quarterly to participate in enrichment activities in the field of Marine Science. We have observed how cold and warm currents are formed as well as barrier island formation with Coastal Science Investigations. Marine Quest has also come out to help us explore hurricane data, how to effectively manage resources during a natural disaster, and participate in a STEM activity. 

The PTSA has also awarded the Marine Science Cohort with a mini grant to participate in a DNA analysis of local fish and a plankton study of area waters. Students in Mrs Strohel's Biology class will spend a full day at UNCW's Center for Marine Science participating in these activities! 

Last week, Signature Programs visited all NHCS Middle Schools to promote the Marine Science Cohort. It was great to meet so many more interested students in marine science and talk to them about all of the activities we have done this year! Did we miss your Middle School? Shoot me an email and we can schedule a visit to your school! ahsmarinescienceacademy@gmail.com


Acceptance Letters Mailed! 

Last week acceptance letters were mailed for the 2018- 2019 Marine Science Academy and Marine Science track at Ashley High School. 

I am so excited to meet next years students and all of the rewarding experiences we will have in the field of Marine Science! 

Marine Science Academy students don't forget to fill out the paperwork for the Summer Immersion Program August 20- 24! 

Step 1: https://uncwyouthprograms.wufoo.com/forms/z69c3dr11pah2v/

Step 2: https://uncwyouthprograms.wufoo.com/forms/zriaxn11exrwia/

Step 3: https://uncwyouthprograms.wufoo.com/forms/z1qw2lsm03bj3jn/

If you did not get accepted this year and are a underclassman or rising junior I encourage you to apply next year. As students finalize their schedules more spaces may become available as well. 

Please email me at ahsmarinescienceacademyATgmail.com if you have any questions.

Applications LIVE!

Rising 9th and 10th Graders interested in Marine Science track at Ashley HS.


Rising 11th and 12th Graders Applying for the Marine Science Academy


Open House- February 1 6:30- 7:30
Dear MSA Students and Parents,

I am excited to return to Wilmington and run the Marine Academy at Eugene Ashley High School! In 2010 I graduated with my Masters in Marine Science from UNCW and have been trying to work my way back to town ever since.


After graduation I served as an Americorps Volunteer before earning a faculty position with Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School in Virginia. Teaching for the past 7+ years has allowed me to sharing my interest in marine environments and our ownership of their function. The health of our oceans will determine the future of Earth.


This website will continue to be used to relay important program information as well as document classroom activities. Please save it as a favorite and check it often for upcoming events and reminders.


I look forward to growing the Marine Academy established by Sandie Cecelski and a great year at Ashley High School. Can’t wait to meet students and parents during the Summer Enrichment Program with Marine Quest. The program will run August 21-25 from 8am- 4pm each day. We will leave and return to Ashley High School. Make sure to dress appropriately and wear closed toed shoes. Lunch and water will be provided.


See you there!


Ms Thompson

Join us February 1 from 6:30- 7:30 for an Open House for the Marine Science Academy. We will go over program opportunities and the application process. 

Applications are available on the Eugene Ashley High School homepage under the Marine Science Academy tab. The Marine Science Academy provides a unique college-level experience by offering the equivalent of two introductory marine science courses usually taken during the first college year. Students interested in marine biology, oceanography, or the Academy, are highly encouraged to apply.

The Open House will be held in room 419. Contact Ms. Lauren Thompson at ahsmarinescienceacademy@gmail.com, or call 790-2360 extension 419

Big Sweep

Posted September 21, 2014


Students are encouraged to practice responsible enrivonmental stewardship through community action programs such as Big Sweep, a annual nationwide waterway clean up project. Academy students participate in beach and island clean up activities on beautiful Masonboro Island and Carolina Beach.   



Marine Quest Summer Enrichment

Posted August 22,2015


Marine Science Academy students participate in a week-long summer enrichment program that explores marine technology, biology, physical oceanography, ocean chemistry, and coastal geology. Field and laboratory instruction is directed by UNCW scientists. This program is free of charge and is sponsored by the University of North Carolina Wilmington Marine Quest and New Hanover County Schools. The summer enrichment program begins August 22-26, 2016; 8:15 AM until 4:00 PM each day. Mandatory attendance is required. 


Scientific Research Competitions

Posted April 4, 2016


Marine Science Academy students are encouraged to submit their research to local, state, and regional Science Fair compeitions.

Outstanding student scientific reserach projects are submitted to the North Carolina Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.  The JSHS Program is jointly sponsored sponsored by the United States Department of the Army, Navy, and Air Force in cooperation with leading research universities throughout the nation.  JSHS goals are to promote research experimentation in the sciences, engineering, and math; to recognize the significance of research in human affairs; to expand the horizon of research-oriented students by exposing them to opportunities in the academic, industrial, and governmental communities; and to increase the number of future adults capable of conducting research and development.



"Living Shoreline" Oyster Reef Restoration Project

Posted October 14, 2015


The Marine Science Academy students volunteer with the North Carolina Coastal Federation to help restore North Carolina's oyster reefs. Students assist in reef building, monitoring the water quality, and conducting invertebrate population studies as a means of gauging the health of the habitat.  

Pleasure Island
Sea Turtle Project

Posted September 23, 2015


The Marine Science Academy students volunteer as sea turtle nest watchers during turtle nesting season to help insure safe travels for the hatchlings as they make their way to the sea. Volunteers are excavating a recently hatched nest to rescue hatchlings and count unhatched eggs for scientific data purposes.




It's that time of year again... Info Nights and Applications Deadlines


Signature Programs for all New Hanover County schools will be presented on the below dates. 


Tuesday, November 30th- 6:00-7:30  Parent presentation at CFCC North Campus

* Student Presentation will take place in school for Trask, Noble, Williston/ Gregory, and Holly Shelter students during school

Thursday, December 2nd- 6:00-7:30  Parent presentation at Roland Grise Middle School (auditorium)

*Student presentations will take place for Virgo, Myrtle Grove, Murray, and Roland Grise students during school


Interested in the Marine Science Academy? Register for our Open House on December 16th! 

Applications are open for the 2022- 2023 school year! Please select the correct application below.

Rising 9th Graders- Marine Science Academy COHORT, Biology

Rising 10th or 11th Graders- Marine Science Academy COHORT, Chemistry and APES

Rising 11th or 12th Graders- Marine Science Academy

Still have questions? Join our Student and Parent information night on December 16th at 7pm

Register in advance for in-person or Zoom.